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Round Robin — Laura’s Funky Chickens

June 23, 2008

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately — I surprised myself by how much I’ve missed posting. I truly enjoy publishing my creations and getting your feedback so this time away was bittersweet. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the quilting retreat — met and made new friends, caught up with old ones, stayed up late quilting and got up early for more quilting and of course made some time to shop and dine. I brought my on-line friend Laura M’s funky chicken to work on — There are 13 of us in this Round Robin and the projects are as diverse as are we. Laura provided patterns but also gave us permission to do our own if desired.

Shirley’s rooster:

Joie’s Hen

Yvonne’s chicken

Carol Ann’s chick all inspired me to design my own rooster:

If you look closely at the background fabric you’ll see that is is a white on white with feathers! It thrilled me to find that at my retreat. I just played with the fabrics, made a small ruffle for the comb, a modified prairie point for the beak and I used quarter circles for the tail feathers. Those were sewn right sides together, then turned out and formed into cones and then arranged in tail feather fashion, so they are dimensional. I braided embroidery floss together for the legs and they hang freely. The wing is a triangle sewn right sides together and then turned and gathered then satin stitched to the body. The wattle is just a bit of gathered fabric and a red button completes this colorful fellow.

Now they are on their way to Lynn and from there to the other legs of this RR. This is Round Robin 30 for most of these participants and includes ladies from Canada and all parts of the USA. I think this is my fourth RR with this group and I look forward to many more.


More Funky Women

May 26, 2008

Carol Ann generously sent me more pics of Funky Women.  She’s been busy designing more of these fun gals.  They are so sassy.  I plan on doing an OZ themed batch of them when I get finished with some of my WIPs.

Blue Girl African Girl

Miss Purplewitchie woman

wow, Carol Ann you’re going to have fun embellishing these!

Round Robin Projects

May 25, 2008

There are 13 people participating in the current RoundRobin I’m involved with. They are all talented quilters and I’m learning lots from them.  So far I’ve worked on Carol Ann’s  “Funky women”.  This is her example for us:

Doesn’t she remind you of Freddy Moran type quilts, so colorful and folksy and NOT a piecing challenge but a great opportunity to add embellishments. 

Here’s my “Funky Woman”

I made her high heels but she’s too plain at this point so I added some fancy threads and stitches:

Still not enough?  I decided to give her a flower:

I hope Carol Ann likes her.


Joie sent us lots of folk art type applique patterns to pick from.  Isn’t Yvonne’s contribution cute?

I love the grass and the specialty beads.

Here is Carol Ann’s cow block for Joie. Note that tongue:

I chose the butterfly/moth:

That was the plain version and here it is after I embellished it with yarn and thread

I also worked on Shirley’s Easter themed shirt but I don’t have a picture of that.  Sorry Shirley but you’ll have to take my word for it that it’s great.

Yvonne sent out a piecing block called Broken Wheel ( Is that a squeaky wheel that didn’t get oiled?) and I’m happy to say that thanks to paper piecing I made the block without mishap.   My contribution is the purple wheel in the upper left corner.  Her focus fabric is on the right. This will be a colorful quilt.

Round Robin Progress

May 25, 2008

Round Robins? What do you think about them? I have friends who always regret getting involved in them and then there are people like me who have a love/hate relationship with them.  I love working on everyone’s projects, but I hate it if I miss a deadline due to unforeseen circumstances.  That said:  Round Robins (RR) are a great way to stimulate your creativity by seeing up close what other people are doing.  They often push me beyond my comfort zone.  I love to embellish, but oh how I dread piecing.  I’ll never forget our last RR — some very lovely person sent around a project that consisted of making a “Card Trick” block.  This block  contains quarter square triangles  —- which means BIAS edges will be exposed!  What’s wrong with bias you ask?  Aside from the obvious sociological implications, biased fabric is a PIA to work with.  It never behaves itself, it certainly does not play well with others as it has a tendency to twist and turn even the straightest seams.   I thought I could control this by heavy starching, but in the end I wound up paper piecing the block and it was mostly square.  I have a newfound appreciation for paper piecing, you sew on a line and if you want pointy points, thats what you’ll get. 

The other block I had difficulty with was a perfectly innocent looking block, a watermelon slice set into a background.  Easy enough?  Not for the piecing challenged such as myself.  I tried 3 different times and ways, starching the bejimmies out of the fabric only made it like cardboard and did not result in a square block, I cut it with a rotary cutter, NOPE didn’t help, I cut it with a template, No diff.  I finally sent it on, defeated by a watermelon, oh the humiliation.  I did send the project owner extra fabric so she could make her own (by that time bleeping!) watermelon.  She kindly told me my problem was an inaccurate 1/4 in seam.  What! I’d set my Ellageo to the piecing setting but apparently that wasn’t good enough.  Now I have a 1/4 in foot with a FLANGE, that is a little bar that runs along the edge of the fabric and keeps it in line (no more wiggly seams for me!) 

I hope  you’re still with me after that long-winded way of getting to my point which is: I’ve gone from being piecing challenged to  being able to master curves like the Drunkard’s Path

I used the “cut-a-round” tool developed by Cheryl Phillips and found it very easy to accurately cut the shapes, so accurate that I only had to use 1 pin to hold the middle and I made this wallhanging in about 3 hours!  so I think I’m ready to tackle any curves sent my way in this latest RR.