Take It Further – June Challenge

This month’s Take It Further Challenge involves our fabric stashes and the stories they could tell. Stories about what was and what could be. Looking at my stash often reminds me of where I purchased it, who was with me and what – if any- project I envision for it. There’s my collection of kiddie prints, acquired with an eye towards making my granddaughters quilts, toys and dresses, my collection of blacks and whites which include at least one B & W fat quarter purchased from any new-to-me quilt shop. Then there are my beloved batiks in a variety of prints and hues. They are the workhorses of my whole stash, good for everything from art quilts to bed quilts. There is also my small but growing stash of hand dyes in rainbow colors, destined to be a drunkard’s path and an Irish chain quilt. The crazy quilt fabrics compiled via stash swaps, Goodwill shopping and yard sales as well as internet shopping for dupioni silks, satins and velvets. There is also my stash of costume fabrics, things like lames, organzas, and sequined delights. I can’t forget about my art prints, these are fabrics that mimic the sky, the ocean, trees etc. Some are prints of these natural wonders, but many are batiks or fabrics that just remind me of something from nature, like the batik that I used for Ed’s salmon.

So that’s my stash inventory and it brings me to my special stash. I am the keeper of my mini-guild’s red, white and blue (RWB) stash. Last month Dorothy, Tamara, Lory, Karen, Lois and myself combined our RWB fabrics and met at my home to make a quilt for the American Hero Quilts (AHQ) group. (There is a link to them on the right hand side of my blog) The goal of AHQ is to provide all returning wounded veterans with a quilt to show our appreciation for their service. This is not a political group — some who make these quilts support the war and some do not support it. Making the quilts just means that we want to help the wounded veterans know we care about them.

Upon combining our RWB stashes we think we’ve got enough for at least 3 AHQs. Here is a picture of our first AHQ. It’s a work in progress. I need to make a few more blocks to finish the top. Tamara will quilt it on her long arm, then I’ll bind and wash it and send it off to Sue N. who’ll distribute it.

It’s a string quilt from a pattern provided by Mary Johnson of the Heartstrings Quilt Project.

Here is a picture of an AHQ that I made using stripped fabrics. I need to quilt and bind it as well.

The process of making these quilts yielded quilte a bit of very small scraps and selvages — perfect for the TIF challenge.

I decided to use these bits and pieces to make a flag. Here’s part of our large stash of RWB fabrics. and here’s a pic of the itty bits

I took a piece of fusible webbing cut like a waving flag and fused the RWB to it.

and here is is completed. It just needs a flagpole.

In conclusion, these RWB stash fabrics could be many things, a picnic cloth and napkins, a bandanna, a shirt, but we chose to create a quilt that we hope will wrap one returning veteran with love and appreciation.


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10 Responses to “Take It Further – June Challenge”

  1. Vicki W Says:

    I love your RWB quilts. The one with the striped fabrics has a really cool effect.

  2. BCQuilter Says:

    Judi, they are nothing short of spectacular. In Canada we also have a quilt project (or two) for veterans and/or families.

    As someone mentioned, it is not if you support the war or not… it is supporting the men and women who have fought over there, and their families.


  3. Mary Says:

    How neat! Both quilts look wonderful. I just finished another RWB top that still needs quilting and I’m working on piecing one more top but it’s slow going with all my recent trips.

  4. Caryl Says:

    Wow! Gorgeous quilt!

  5. ivoryspring Says:

    The RWB is such a noble effort – your work is much appreciated! The quilts look beautiful.

    Thank you for visiting me, and leaving the lovely comment on my patriotic quilt.

  6. Judy Momenzadeh Says:

    Judi–after I received your email I checked out your blog and found the wonderful RWB string quilt. I belong to a group who does this also but we never came up with anything so spectacular. The star in the middle is fantastic. We have made several string quilts but they have always been rather pain compared to yours. May we use the design also?

    Judy <

  7. embellishingexperiments Says:

    Judy, the star design is from Mary Johnson, here is a direct link to the pattern http://maryquilts.com/patriotic-string-star/ She is very generous with her designs and only asks that if you use them you give credit for the design to her (as I did in the body of my blog). Since working on this string quilt I’ve realized that almost any log cabin pattern could easily be adapted. You might want to play around with some log cabin settings and see what I mean, just play with the light/dark sides.

    And a big thank you to all of you who’ve commented, please remember those who are in harms way in your prayers.

  8. Doris Says:

    beautiful quilts!

    as the daughter of marine i know what it feels like when a dear relative is send to dangerous places, one does not believe in politics, only to return home unharmed. My sympathy is toward the men and women who are away from their families in dangerous places, i hope everyone arriving home safe and health.

  9. Lynette Daugherty Says:

    Just stopped by and glad I did..your quilts are wonderful. I am a former veteran as is my husband. Now a quilter looking for a round robin group to enter. Thanks for being out here.

  10. Jennifer Says:

    This is very creative and unique! I love it!

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