Father’s Day Gifts

I always have trouble finding just the right gift for my hubby, but this time I think I’ve found the ideal present. As a lifelong lover of the outdoors and avid fisherman how could he not like this salmon? It’s so easy to make and I fussy cut the batik fabric to mimic the shapes within the pattern. You can click on the photo to see what I mean. This is a www.quiltswithatwist.com pattern. I just traced the salmon onto fusible web, cut out all the designated pieces and then fused it to the black background fabric. My next step will be to do echo quilting and then make it into a pillow for him. This salmon is the second pattern I’ve made that Lisa Moore designed.

The first Quilts With a Twist pattern I attempted is her Orcas. Here is a picture of the Orcas that I need to quilt up and they will be ready to display. The Orcas have one extra step — the white fabric is cut and fused first, then the black is fused over that. This picture should clarify the process:


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5 Responses to “Father’s Day Gifts”

  1. BCQuilter Says:

    I love the salmon. (Although I don’t like salmon). It is very well done. It will make a wonderful father’s day gift for your hubby.

    I look forward to seeing the progress… if you are going to be blogging about it. *grin*


  2. Mags Says:

    Congratualations on your new blog. I really enjoyed my first visit.
    Being an avid fisherman’s daughter I’m sure your DH will love the salmon.

  3. Carol Ann Says:

    Love the salmon and Orcas both. I love fish and did a lot with my dad. DH and I had a boat and fished a lot when we lived in coastal Virginia, but alas no more fishing in the ocean.

    Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  4. embellishingexperiments Says:

    I’m glad you all are liking the salmon. It’s so easy to make all you need are a pair of sharp scissors and some fishy looking fabric. I’ve fixed the link to the Quilts-with-a-twist information.

  5. lella Says:

    Those are stunning. Absolutely beautiful project and wonderful gift for a fisherman. He is going to love those.

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