More Mermaids

The mermaids fishtails looked to shiny to me so I experimented by  painting on scraps of fishtail fabric ( its a metallic knit stablized on freezer paper for these trials — on steam-a-seam 2 for the quilt)  here’s a before of this shiny stuff;

For these trials I assembled Shiva Paint Sticks, Jelly Roll pens, Fabric Mate Markers and Sharpie fine points.

I tried  a purple and green Fabric mate  and  purple, green and blue jelly roll inks.  This next picture shows the Sharpie Fine Point colors of green, purple dark blue and turqoise.

And lastly the Shiva paintsticks:  The top color is from directly applying the stick to the fabric, the next was applied with a sponge brush the third was from blending directly onto the fabric and the  bottom is from blending purple,green and blue on a scrap of parchment paper and then blending it with the sponge brush and applying it with the brush.

I think that last blend is great colorwise. 

Conclusion:  I wanted coverage that still allowed some shine through and also highlighted the scaley look of this fabric. 

Fabricmate:  some shine,  good texture, colors are too neon for this application

Jelly Roll Pens: dull colorations, not much texture shows through, a bit of shine

Sharpie Fine Point: Deep colors but almost no shine or texture

Shiva Paint Sticks: Direct application yielded almost the same results as Sharpie, but when the sticks were blended on the parchment and then sponge brushed onto the fabric — great result: good color, texture and shine.  We have a winner!

So now I tried it on a mockup of a mermaid tail:


Looks pretty good, but I want it to vary from light at the belly region to darker at the fins, so I added som green FabricMate to the fin section and a bit more blended blue/green shiva stick to the mid section. Can you tell a difference? I don’t think the photo does it justice.



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2 Responses to “More Mermaids”

  1. BCQuilter Says:

    Hello Judi,

    I enjoyed your blogs, and must say, I am impressed with your trials with colour.

    I am only just starting embellishing. Just starting, but having to put it on hold until a few WIPs are completed.

    I look forward to reading and seeing more of what you do!


  2. Robin Says:

    HEY Judi!
    That mermaid tail is awesome! I love how you are experimenting with color and tecnique! I am doing pretty much the same thing but with laces for my crazy quilting. its so much fun!
    By the way I have some miniature seashells, corkscrew and conch types if you want. Email me. Mabe a trade is in the works?
    See ya in 2 weeks!

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