Round Robin Projects

There are 13 people participating in the current RoundRobin I’m involved with. They are all talented quilters and I’m learning lots from them.  So far I’ve worked on Carol Ann’s  “Funky women”.  This is her example for us:

Doesn’t she remind you of Freddy Moran type quilts, so colorful and folksy and NOT a piecing challenge but a great opportunity to add embellishments. 

Here’s my “Funky Woman”

I made her high heels but she’s too plain at this point so I added some fancy threads and stitches:

Still not enough?  I decided to give her a flower:

I hope Carol Ann likes her.


Joie sent us lots of folk art type applique patterns to pick from.  Isn’t Yvonne’s contribution cute?

I love the grass and the specialty beads.

Here is Carol Ann’s cow block for Joie. Note that tongue:

I chose the butterfly/moth:

That was the plain version and here it is after I embellished it with yarn and thread

I also worked on Shirley’s Easter themed shirt but I don’t have a picture of that.  Sorry Shirley but you’ll have to take my word for it that it’s great.

Yvonne sent out a piecing block called Broken Wheel ( Is that a squeaky wheel that didn’t get oiled?) and I’m happy to say that thanks to paper piecing I made the block without mishap.   My contribution is the purple wheel in the upper left corner.  Her focus fabric is on the right. This will be a colorful quilt.


4 Responses to “Round Robin Projects”

  1. Sue Says:

    My favorite is the funky women. What group is this for?

  2. Vicki W Says:

    I’m so glad you are blogging now! Welcome!

  3. Carol Ann Says:

    You probably knew I peeked! I love the high heals, wicked witch socks and flower. I never thought of ric rac, I have a bunch.

    Love your colorful butterfly/moth. Did you use the PP sheet I sent. It was the only way I was able to do the wheel pattern. The colors look good the way you placed them.

    Oh, the Funky girl is from Freddy Moran’s book. I got it after your house project last time.

  4. embellishingexperiments Says:

    Sue, the funky women are for an internet based Round Robin that I’m lucky to belong to. The main group of gals are on their 30th RR. That’s a lot of quilting and embellishing!

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